Oct 28

Below are some useful link for my reference.

Chowder Rule – http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/728729-chowder/2360292-the-chowder-rule

“Buy stocks that meet the Total Dividend Return (TDR) rule a/k/a the “chowder rule,” requiring a yield plus Five year Dividend Growth Rate (DGR) total of 12% or more. In the case of utilities, MLPs and REITs, [...] Continue Reading…

Dec 08

Finally released the new adroid app ..

UsedGaadi.in – used car market – Android Apps on Google Play
UsedGaadi.in – India’s newest used car market.Let us help you find your next car Search for a new or used car with your Android. UsedGaadi.in is india’s newest online…

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May 17

Having SEO friendly or bookmark links with your JSF application. To have a look at the converted links have a look at my application which is running on jsf www.usedgaadi.in [...] Continue Reading…

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May 17

Improving performance of your jsf Application by caching your pages or some fragments using ehcache. [...] Continue Reading…

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Feb 05

Sample Application Which uses JSF 2.0, Spring 3.0.0 and Hibernate 3.3.2GA and also spring security. Everything is wired together just using the annotations. [...] Continue Reading…

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Jul 16

Came across these two javascript based page flipping effect tutorial .. so thought of posting it ..

this one has some nice effects and its totally flash free


and this one


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